Top Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 – Best Video Editor Ever

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 Best Video Editor

This is our yearly roundup of the absolute best video editor software. These will be in five categories from best for beginners to Best Overall finishing things out in the final category. We’ll have two winners Best Overall subscription and for those of you that hate reoccurring fees and Best Overall lifetime license.

All of the video editor coming up include premium tools and advanced features that will help you to make high quality videos. Specially for those of you creating content for YouTube or working on any other post-production projects.

Let’s get started in this first category. I’ll show you two programs that are great for beginners. The first of two in this category is Adobe Premiere Elements while it’s not as feature packed as Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Adobe Premier Pro

How To Free Download and Install Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 - Life Time Activated
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As I mentioned earlier the best overall category will have two separate winners. The best overall video editing software using the subscription model is Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s been the industry leader for many years and is a popular choice for YouTubers, TV editors, filmmakers and videographers.

It can handle just about any file format and supports virtual reality video HDR and 8k footage in its native format some of its notable features includes dozens of transition effects multicam editing and supports an unlimited number of video tracks. The Illuma tree color panel is also included for professional color grading.

If you’re new to Adobe Premiere Pro on their learn and support page you’ll find a getting started guide tutorials and a user guide. Adobe Premiere Pro is available for Windows and Mac with plants starting at around 21 dollars per month.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Top Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 - Best Video Editor Ever
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It’s a great place to start if you’re a beginner looking for professional quality results. It includes a ton of cool features including video and audio effects based detection transitions and soundtracks for your videos are also included their website offers dozens of excellent tutorials that will help you get started along with step-by-step guides unlike most of Adobe software.

It’s available as a one-time purchase of around a hundred dollars without any reoccurring costs. If you decide to upgrade to the newest version when it’s released which is not mandatory. There is an upgrade charge if not can keep using the version you paid for at no additional cost. Adobe Premiere Elements is available for Mac OS and Windows 8.1 or newer.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Top Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 - Best Video Editor Ever
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The second video editor we recommend for beginners is corel video studio ultimate. It’s not as beginner oriented as Premiere Elements but does offer a well designed interface that’s more user-friendly than most video editing software some of the features include multicam editing motion tracking various transitions and easy to use templates.

It offers support for 4k Ultra HD 360 degree VR video and includes more than 2,000 filters and effects. There are useful audio tools included and you can also get access to a royalty-free music library. If you need help using video studio they offer a user guide how to’s and video tutorials on their side. Video studio ultimate is available for Windows 7 or newer and it costs around $80.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Top Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 - Best Video Editor Ever
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If you are a Mac owner Apple Final Cut Pro X is the best choice for those people entrenched in the Apple ecosystem not only is it easy to use it comes packed with a ton of features some of those features include multicam editing HDR with advanced color grading and video noise reduction and includes the ability to work with third-party extensions to increase its functionality.

There’s also support for 360-degree video editing and you can now edit videos up to an 8k resolution. Final Cut Pro is available from the Mac App Store for around $300 while many people love the non-traditional tracklist timeline and some people hate it. If Final Cut doesn’t float your boat.

In addition to Final Cut Pro Apple does offer a free entry-level video editor called iMovie. The feature set is limited but might come in handy for those times. You need to do a simple edit if creating amazing special effects for your projects is a number-one priority for you.

HitFilm Pro

Top Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 - Best Video Editor Ever
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Hitfilm pro what you need it’s a nonlinear editor with a high power visual effects. Creator built into the program. In addition to the more than 800 effects there are tools for audio editing color grading and animations. You need to Hitfilm pro in this article is that it supports custom 3d models along with the custom lighting and shadows.

Hitfilm Pro supports resolutions up to 8k and is available for Windows 8 or newer and Mac OS. It’s cost is $349 it can be run on three computers at the same time and includes 12 months of software updates and technical support. It hit foam pros to pricey for you and you’re on a budget. They also offer a free video editing program called Hitfilm Express with plenty of features that you might want to check out.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Top Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 - Best Video Editor Ever
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If you’re looking for the best overall value it would be hard to beat Pinnacle Studio ultimate not only is it a professional quality video editor it also includes a screen recorder as part of its package for around 110 dollars. It offers support up to 4k and 360-degree video and includes more than 2,000 filters and effects.

Some of its other features include motion tracking multicam editing video masks and video overlays included with Studio ultimate is access to a library of royalty-free music. Pinnacle Studio ultimate is only available for computers running Windows 7 or newer.

DaVinci Resolve Studio

Top Best Video Editing Software of 2019-2020 - Best Video Editor Ever
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The best overall video editing software with a one-time license fee is DaVinci Resolve Studio for those of you that watched our roundup of the best free video editing software. You already know that we love the free version of DaVinci Resolve and of course their premium version is even better.

The premium version of DaVinci Resolve includes just about every feature you would ever need with support for a que editing.

Their compositing software for visual effects artists called fusion VFX is included and Fairlight their digital audio workstation is also included with DaVinci Resolve their software is also very popular with filmic a few of the notable projects include John wick chapter three Parabellum ad astra and men in black international.

Unlike the other video editors mentioned DaVinci Resolve studio is available for the three major platforms Windows Mac and Linux DaVinci Resolve studio with all of the additional features and tools included and faster video rendering is 299 dollars at this time there is no fee to upgrade.

When newer versions of their software are released for those of you that don’t know they also sell hardware control panels that will give you more control editing than with the standard keyboard and mouse.

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