Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 – 2020

Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 – 2020

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Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020
Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 – 2020

So let’s get started! While Microsoft Office is the most dominant player in the world of office suites. Many people are turned off by its hefty prize thankfully. There are many free alternatives with most of the same features coming up based on the office suites we’ve used. I’ll count down the Top five best free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

This Article will focus on the programs you can install on your computer with ease of use features and compatibility being the most important factors later. In this Article, I’ll give you few suggestions for online office suites for those of you that prefer working with web apps in your browser.

Let’s get started in a change from our normal format. I’ll just give you a brief description and commentary followed by screenshots of each program.


Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020
Microsoft Office Alternatives

Starting off our countdown at Number 5 is the oldie but goodies OpenOffice. This is a free and open source office suite has been around for a few decades with various owners including star division Sun Micro systems and Oracle.

The Apache foundation taking control of the project in 2011. OpenOffice includes six programs included is a word processor called,

Writer –  A word processor you can use for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book.

Calc – A powerful spreadsheet with all the tools you need to calculate, analyze, and present your data in numerical reports or sizzling graphics.

Impresses – The fastest, most powerful way to create effective multimedia presentations.

Draw – Lets you produce everything from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations.

Base – lets you manipulate databases seamlessly. Create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports, all from within Apache OpenOffice.

Math – Lets you create mathematical equations with a graphic user interface or by directly typing your formulas into the equation editor.

All of which have good compatibility with Microsoft Office formats also included is a drawing application a formula editor and a database management program.

Development has been slow for the past few years more on that later in this Article OpenOffice has been showing signs of life recently the latest release was in September 2019. It’s available in dozens of languages for Windows, Linux and Mac.

OpenOffice is truly free software with volunteers contributing their time and skills with the project. It’s still a feature packed office suite worth checking out.


Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020

At Number Four is free office this freeware program from soft maker is another one that’s been around for a while. Its initial release was in 1994.

It’s a lightweight version of their commercial office suite but most of the key features you would ever need free office was one of the first office suites to offer compatibility with most of the Microsoft Office formats.

They now offer support for touchscreens. Text maker is their alternative to word their Excel substitute is called plan maker and presentations is similar to PowerPoint.

Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020

TextMaker – Create all types of documents in no time with the FreeOffice TextMaker word processor: design flyers or brochures just as easily as you write business letters or complete scientific papers.

PlanMaker – Create complex calculations, worksheets and charts with ease: With the powerful spreadsheet application FreeOffice PlanMaker, you create simple timetables just as conveniently as you do the complete financial planning of your company.

Presentations – FreeOffice Presentations is a powerful tool for creating impressive presentations. Combine text, images, tables and artwork in your slides and put them in motion with a vast range of breathtaking animations and slide transitions using OpenGL graphics acceleration.

If you ever need help using free office do check out their service page with links to their support forum tips and tricks.

You can even download manuals for each program within their suite free office is available for all three major platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. They give you a choice of a Microsoft like ribbon or classic menu toolbar.


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At Number Three is an OnlyOffice suite most people have never heard of called OnlyOffice. It was recently featured in our free software series. So I won’t spend too much time on it.

OnlyOffice offers several products including a cloud service developer edition and Enterprise Edition which can be quite expensive doing a complete 180. They also offer a desktop editor for Windows, Mac and Linux which is completely free and open-source.

But the code available on github in short while OnlyOffice is not as feature packages are top tube. It does offer excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office other than minor issues formatting images.

It’s truly one of the best and well worth trying out there Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint alternatives are simply titled document spreadsheet and presentation.

Documents – No more limitations while editing your text documents online: enjoy 100% view, conversion, print and pagination fidelity, work with files of any size and complexity, use the enhanced set of formatting tools right from your browser. ONLYOFFICE Document Editor supports all the popular formats: DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, PDF, HTML.

Spreadsheet – Ease and automate your calculations online, have your data organized and analyzed with ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor. Open, view and edit .xlsx, .xls, .ods and .csv files, and save spreadsheets as PDF.

Presentations – Express any ideas using wide selection of formatting tools, objects and style options. ONLYOFFICE Presentation Editor works with PowerPoint presentations and can save them in PDF format. PPTX, PPT and ODP files are supported.

Here’s what those look like before we get to the top two, I’ll quickly show you three online office suites that you can use for free in your favorite web browser. All three also have apps for both iOS and Android.

OnlyOffice which I mentioned earlier also offers an online suite which might be useful for those of you that collaborate with others perhaps. The best for collaboration is Google Docs sheets and slides.

Especially for those of you entrenched in the Google ecosystem and Microsoft Office online offers their own set of free web apps while they do lack some of Microsoft offices advanced features that most people would never use. They do offer the best compatibility with their desktop office counterparts in the runner-up spot coming in.

WPS Office

Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020

At Number Two is WPS office free this office suite is developed by Kingsoft which has been around since 1988. some of you might recall that WPS office used to be known as Kingsoft office in WPS office free.

you’ll find three programs in the suite which they call writer spreadsheets and presentation which all offer fantastic file support with Microsoft Office formats. it also includes an excellent PDF reader.

Writer – Create & edit documents efficiently.

Spreadsheets – All spreadsheet features

Presentation –  Create amazing presentations

PDF – PDF edit, convert and more

Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020

If it weren’t ad supported, if you don’t mind the ads and what a fully featured office suite. WPS office free might just be what you need the free versions of WPS office are available both Windows and Linux from the WPS website.

If you’re running Windows 10, I’d recommend downloading it from the Microsoft Store. I have found the download speed to be faster from the store and from their website. WPS office of all those mentioned most closely resembles Word Excel and PowerPoint.


Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020

Coming in at Number One LibreOffice is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s free and open source office suite was forked back in 2010 from open office. Which I mentioned earlier in fact many of the developers that used to work on open office.

Now provide their services to LibreOffice just like Open Office the six programs included our writer, calc, impress, draw, base and math,

Writer – Writer has all the features you need from a modern, full-featured word processing and desktop publishing tool. It’s simple enough for a quick memo,

but powerful enough to create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, and more. You’re free to concentrate on your message, while Writer makes it look great.

Calc – Calc is the free spreadsheet program you’ve always needed. Newcomers find it intuitive and easy to learn, while professional data miners and number crunchers appreciate the comprehensive range of advanced functions. Built-in wizards guide you through choosing and using a comprehensive range of advanced features. Or you can download templates from the LibreOffice template repository, for ready-made spreadsheet solutions.

Impress – In Impress, creating and editing slides is very versatile thanks to different editing and view modes: Normal (for general editing), Outline (for organizing and outlining your text content), Notes (for viewing and editing the notes attached to a slide), Handout (for producing paper-based material), and Slide Sorter (for a thumbnail sheet view that lets you quickly locate and order your slides).

Draw – Draw lets you produce anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan, and gives you the means to communicate with graphics and diagrams. With a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm, Draw is a an excellent package for producing technical drawings, brochures, posters and many other documents. Draw lets you manipulate graphical objects, group them, crop them, use objects in 3D and much more.

Base – Base is a full-featured desktop database front end, designed to meet the needs of a broad array of users. Base caters to power users and enterprise requirements, providing native-support drivers for some of the most widely employed multi-user database engines: MySQL/MariaDB, Adabas D, MS Access and PostgreSQL. In addition, the built-in support for JDBC- and ODBC-standard drivers allows you to connect to virtually any other existing database engine as well.

Math – Math is LibreOffice’s formula editor, and can be invoked in your text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings, enabling you to insert perfectly formatted mathematical and scientific formulas. Your formulas can include a wide range of elements, from fractions, terms with exponents and indices, integrals, and mathematical functions, to inequalities, systems of equations, and matrices.

You can start Math either as a stand-alone application directly from the LibreOffice Start Center or directly from within other LibreOffice applications such as Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw.

Top Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 2019 - 2020

while not being perfect libreoffice does offer full compatibility with Microsoft Office with the ability to add extensions and templates that enhance your overall experience.

LibreOffice has a full team of developers, So it’s updated on a regular basis. If you’ve been looking for a fully featured office suite and believe in supporting free and open source software LibreOffice is what i’d recommend you get It’s available for Windows, Linux and mac.

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