Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review After 1 Month! | Note 10 Plus Review

Note 10 | Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review After 1 Month!

Note 10 Review | Hello Everyone! it’s time to do my full review on the latest flagship from Samsung the Galaxy Note 10.1 any other device that I can really remember from friends and family or just out in public when they see this device no not because of the very reflective and distinctive back but when they saw the front of the device they said hey what phone are using and I got significantly more questions asking that.

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So I want to give a shout out to Samsung for making a very visually appealing phone I think it’s because the display is just so large and the bezels are so minimal of course there is a lot more to talk about with the note 10 plus I’ve been using it for a while.

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So let’s go and get in the full review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Taking a closer look at design of the Note 10 plus, I want to flip it over typically back at the new colour that they came out with and it is so cool the way that it actually reflects light looks different it is extreme it’s almost like a mirror. You can really see yourself if you want to go ahead and check your hair.

You can go ahead and do so in the back but I will say it does collect fingerprints. This is after not wiping it for a while now just to really this is a really extreme case trust me this isn’t as bad as it gets but just wanted to show off how it does collect fingerprints like all glass phones.

It just shows up a little bit more because this is more of a reflective phone taking a look at the bottom is where that s penalise more on that in just a second of course one of your speaker girls USBC microphones but I did drop it actually and it chipped the metal a little bit but that was it.

So I was actually kind of impressed wrapped it for maybe about three feet on sidewalk and it just kind of hit the bottom there chipped that metal and that is the only damage that was done and when it comes to design neither the no.10 or no 10-plus have a headphone jack and at first it kind of confused me especially because with the note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review After 1 Month! | Note 10 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus doesn’t have a headphone jack!

It was always all the features packed into one so it seemed kind of strange time taking out the headphone jack and after time it still confuses me now the argument against the headphone jack is that you know 10 Plus has a similar chassis to the note 9 and size yet it has a larger display and if it had a headphone jack you would need to have a larger body to the phone.

So it’s kind of up to you if you would have rather preferred a headphone jack and just a little bit larger of a device aside from the headphone jack the 10 plus has just about every other feature you would expect in a flagship device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Storage & Water Protection!

Note 10 has a base storage of 256 gigs plus that micro SD card for expandable storage you’ve wireless charging you have reverse wireless charging so you can charge other devices that can be charged wirelessly, you also have that ip68 dust and water resistance rating this year with the note series.

Note 10 Plus about Power & Volume button settings!

Samsung went with three buttons there’s no big speed button to accidentally press anymore out of the box when you press it it does go to bixby however I have just turned Bixby off so when I press and hold the side button it will go to my power menu like usual you can change that by going into side key settings

where you can double press to quick launch specific app press and hold to do something specific so it is possible to really customize that psyche hitch, i think is the way to go so thank you Samsung for giving that option to everyone you even have a software button right here to get into that power menu.


Note 10 Plus Finger Print Scanner!

The Note 10 plus has an in display fingerprint scanner using qual comes ultrasonic sensor and with the ultrasonic technology. It is not quite as fast as some of the optical sensors for in-display fingerprint scanners. However it is definitely more secure and also works better through contaminants and in brighter sunlight as well.


I find that I have no problem actually unlocking it without looking just but every time that muscle memory of placement has really kicked in and yes these sides are curved which gives it a very good look to it, the content just spills off the sides of the screen definitely aesthetically appealing, however then of course it is a little bit harder to hold because the sides of the phone are thinner so that is kind of the trade-off with the aesthetics of the phone and then of course also you have to deal with edge detection.

When you’re watching a full screen video maybe you’re reaching over your hand to hit a corner of the phone because there’s a larger device you want to make sure that the phone detects that, it’s not a part of your hand that you want touching the screen and it has that edge detection to cancel that out and overall. I find that most of the time it does handle it well the Note 10 had a little bit of a problem with that but that has since been fixed.

Note 10 Plus Display and Resolution!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is doing a good job at advancing that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has included a 6.8 inch 1440P dynamic AMOLED display and yet again Samsung has made one of the best looking displays out there with just how the colors really pop viewing angles as well. Samsung has just been a leader in the display technology for cell phones for a long time now and going back to with the note series you expect just about.

Everything to be included one thing Samsung is starting to lack behind that other manufacturers are taking on is a higher refresh rate in their displays which makes a noticeable difference not for me.

Note 10 Plus – Hetrz refresh rate & color quality!

I was hoping the Note 10 plus would have that higher 90 Hertz refresh rate AMOLED display with a higher refresh rate you might sacrifice a little bit of the color quality of the display and also it will definitely affect your battery life so I kind of think that’s why Samsung decided not to go with the higher refresh rate.

I’m really hoping manufacturers start to include a higher refresh rate in displays this is more software related but with the display you can turn on a blue light filter to help with eye strain you could even schedule it to a specific time and same with a night mode and this is essentially a system-wide dark mode which will turn everything to have a black background again easier on the eyes at night.

It’s not blinding you when you’re laying in bed using your phone and again you can schedule this I find that I schedule it from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and yes you do have the Infinity Oso the punch hole right in the middle towards.

The top which is nice that it is centred I kind of like that more than the s10 being in the corner now with that, being said it really doesn’t bother me there’s only one time it can kind of get annoying and I really haven’t gotten used to it but it just kind of you.

It’s not a deal breaker it’s when you’re in a specific app it’s not centred towards the notification bar it’s actually down towards the bottom and it just to me looks aesthetically a little bit strange but again it’s not a deal breaker.

Note 10 Plus – S-Pen Speces!

It’s just something that I haven’t gotten used to and of course the biggest selling point of the note series would be the s-pen that is inside and I find that you need to really force yourself to learn how to use it to really get all the capabilities out of it and when you’re starting to think like oh I could use the s-pen in this scenario.

It really does improve your productivity and your workflow and yes the s-pen still does have all the features that it has such as note-taking screen off memos a big one for me when the device is just completely locked you could take the S Pen out write yourself a quick note and put the pen back in you have live messages.

You can color, you can magnify things so there’s a lot that you can do with the S-pen that you’ve been able to do before the big new feature is kind of the air actions that you can have with it and realistically a lot of the use cases in some apps.

I don’t really use specifically the camera app and necessarily set my phone up on a tripod very often and need to zoom in. I can just press a button to take a picture. I do not necessarily need the air actions for that however one use case that. I found that I used a lot was when I am in a specific app that does not have air actions such as maybe the reddit app and I am reading an article and read it while listening to music.

I’ll find that I’ll just hold the S Pen maybe either in case. I want to start to use it but I’ll just hold the S Pen and if I’m listening to music and I want to skip a song I can just go ahead and do so just with a quick wave and not have to pull down the notification bar or anything like that I could just use an air action.

I can even put volume up and down so that’s the one use case I found it to be actually very convenient because I can just continue reading and just go ahead and skip through that music.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Battery!

Note 10 plus has a large 4300 milliamp hour battery and I find that it gets me through a full day you’ll see five hours 11 minutes screen on time there 4 hours and 48 minutes and that’s with some extra power left in the battery. So about an average of five hours screen on time for me which gets me through a full day.

I expected it to be a little bit more maybe a little bit into the next day but I find that I pretty much always need to plug it in at the end of a full day of course being on heavy usage finally Samsung is also up there charging speed so you have 18 watts out of the box charging and you can buy a faster charger separately for the ton plus at 45 watts again. That’s an a separate purchase so kind of going the Apple R out of that but nice that they included an 18 watt charger in the box on the back of.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Camera Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus have a quad camera system on the outside here is the extra 4th lens which is a depth sensing lens and then you have your standard wide-angle lens your telephoto lens which is up to two times zoom both of those lenses have optical image stabilisation and then you have an ultra wide-angle lens at point five times zoom and when it comes to the camera app there’s a ton of modes and features.

You have hyperlapse slow-mo super slow-mo you have live focus video on the 10 plus which will blur the background of whatever you are taking a video of which doesn’t really work that well with edge detection.

So it’s a cool concept it’s fun to play around with but not going to produce something that looks all that great you have a live focus mode of course with that blurred background, Pro Mode, panorama a night mode as well food Instagram.

So you’ll see tons of modes to go through and they also have the detection of whatever object. You’re looking at which you’ve seen optimized, you can turn that on and off at ease and when it comes to taking pictures on the Note 10 plus.

I’m very happy with it consistently Samsung has been one of the best with cameras with general shots it isn’t quite as good as the latest iPhone or the pixel 3 however it is just about the step down however you get the alternative option of having ultra wide and telephoto lenses lower light shots are good,

but still need improvement just like just about every other phone out there they do have a night mode which does not compete with Google’s night sight.

If you’re in a decent we’re good lighting scenario you’re gonna be very happy with how the pictures turn out just point and shoot and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a good shot.

If you’re in lower light it’s not gonna quite keep up with the quality of Google or huawei’s cameras when recording video Samsung’s definitely improved the stabilization which does turn on automatically and they do a very good job with it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Processors Technology!

When it comes to performance on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus you can have high expectations. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processes or and like all the other phones with that processor inside it handles everything.


I throw at it all the high-end multi tasking all the high-end gaming it really flies it again handles all those higher-end graphics as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Android Version!

the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus has Android 9 Pi which is not the latest now because Google just released Android 10 and historically Samsung has been very slow with updates. So just kind of keep that in mind you might have to wait longer than other manufacturers putting out updates with Android 9.

Samsung has their one UI which has been my favorite skin that they put over Android and as usual Samsung includes so many features there’s just a crazy amount they have a cool link to windows feature to show off text messages pictures and linked with your Windows PC you have a quick QR scanner.

you have a secure folder and a system wide screen recorder this is a big one. I find that this is an awesome feature to have if you click on screen recorder, it will record any screen that you’re on anything you want to do so if you want to show someone a quick tutorial or show something off you can go ahead and do so and you can even have a little camera use the front-facing camera to show yourself talking while you’re demoing something on your phone. Awesome! of Samsung to include that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Final Thoughts!

So just want to give some final thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus, this year Samsung seem to have really focused on design they fit even a larger display in the body of the Note 9 which is awesome. It looks great also I think this year they’ve really just kind of said.

Hey we have an S Pen in this phone and that is what really sets us apart and a lot of people just want to use the s-pen and like. I said you really need to start teaching yourself how to use it but once you get over that hump of knowing all the different functions this S Pen has you can really really start to do some cool things and yet again you get a great camera.

Also you have good battery life, great processing power this is just an all N top-of-the-line phone of course missing that headphone jack which some people are saying.

I’m not gonna get it you do have an option to go back to the s10 plus but then of course you do miss out on the s-pen so overall that’s it for me on the Note 10 Plus more to come very soon.

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