New Tech Coming out in 2020 – Top Best Cool Budget Tech Gadgets and Accessories: 2020-2021

New Tech Coming out in 2020! 

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So let’s get started with the first product. The first product on our list is the tantra’s smart Bluetooth receiver for a price of $70 US Dollars.


This will convert your non Bluetooth devices into Bluetooth devices. As long as they have an auxiliary port. Now this is a compact device it uses an inbuilt battery to power itself. But can also we plug the end while using.

It has a battery life about 10 hours and any device that has an auxiliary port. You can plug this into directly and give that device Bluetooth capabilities. whether it’s your pair of headphones a car stereo or even your old home theatre system.

Now because this is rechargeable as well. You can use it without a wire for up to 10 hours and it also can connect with up to two devices together. It has the ability to make phone calls and also control volume etc. Pretty versatile for the price definitely. Go check this out if you are in the market for a Bluetooth receiver.

Next up on our New Tech Coming out in 2019 list is the G20 multi-purpose laptop table.

New Tech Coming out in 2019This is a really cool table that can be used for your laptop or working needs. It has four wheels on it which are lockable. So you can move the table around easily and also lock it in place.


If you need to it does have an adjustable height as well. So you can raise it up or lower it as per your requirements. and the best thing is that you can use it on a chair or a couch.  That table can not necessarily work on.

So if you’re sitting on a couch and you want to use your laptop. It’s kind of difficult unless you use it on your lap. But this will allow you to get a good working position on your couch as well.

You can continue to use and multitask with this or for those people who like to sit on couches and eat their food. This thing might also come in handy for that for a price of $17.99. It’s pretty well built and it does have a metal frame and four wheels included. So it’s a solid table definitely go check this out. if you’re in the market for something like this.

The next product on our New Tech Coming out in 2019 list is the four port transparent USB 3 hub.

This is a fantastic looking USB 3 hub. Which is transparent and you can see all the electronics on the inside. You wouldn’t imagine that a full board would be required to run a USB 3 hub. But this one makes it apparent and it looks good while doing it. You can also find more Type C-Hub.

Now this does have a BL 817 chip which manages a data transfer as well. It does support five gigabit per second speeds that is USB 3. It does not require any additional power but it does have a port at the back. If you want to add additional power to it.

The next product on our New Tech Coming out in 2019 list is the vertical laptop dock.

New Tech Coming out in 2019

Now this is something that I have wanted for a really long time. I thought that I’ll share this with you. This allows you to mount your laptop or in my case my macbook in a vertical position. While I have everything plugged in at the back.

So if you use a monitor with your laptop and bluetooth keyboard and mice. You can easily use this configuration and transfer all your information from the laptop. while it is vertically mounted. Now mounting it vertically apart from it looking cool.

New Tech Coming out in 2019

Also allows the laptop to remain cool as it improves the ventilation and also the heat dissipation qualities. Because it’s not laying flat on a table. Now this might not work for certain kind of laptops but it is adjustable.

You can also hold thicker laptops with this as an upside. When you’re not using it. You can easily pop in a book in there.

You can use it for that pretty cool device for a price of $13.99. It is built entirely out of aluminium and it is designed really well. It looks extremely premium. Go and check it out if you’re interested.

In this next up our New Tech Coming out in 2019 list Bluetooth 5 headphones

Now these are really cheap for $9.99. They’re probably the cheapest Bluetooth 5 headphones that we’ve seen and they have 40mm drivers. And a matte black exterior a pretty good looking design.

But it’s entirely made out of plastic. So it’s lightweight as well. They give up to 10 hours of battery life and overall audio response from these headphones is pretty impressive. You can connect with multiple devices.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5 and they do work for phone calls as well. They do have an inbuilt microphone as well as an auxiliary port. So if you want to acquire them and use them you can do that. As well pretty good headphones for the price and they sound amazing for music.

Now you can’t go wrong with these next up New Tech Coming out in 2019

New Tech Coming out in 2019

We are looking at the trail folio protective sleeve. This is available in 13 14 or 15 inches and is also available in a combination of brown and gray. As you see here as well as black and gray. So the brown part becomes black and this is a really modern looking sleeve.

It has a really nice soft felt interior which makes sure that your laptop doesn’t get scratched or damaged. While it’s in the case and it also sort of keeps the dust away from your laptop. The zipper is also really robust and the inner lining in the zipper prevents water from going in it.

Also has a front pocket which will allow you to keep some cables or additional accessories. If you have any with this so pretty impressive case available in lots of options. If you have an expensive laptop for $8.99 you’ll get some protection for your laptop. This looks good as well.

Definitely go check this out the next product one of the most interesting on this New Tech Coming out in 2019 list is the Bluetooth fold-able keyboard.

New Tech Coming out in 2019

This is an interesting keyboard because this will connect with your laptop with a PC or even with the Mac via bluetooth. But this completely falls into this compact form factor that you can take with you anywhere.

That You are going, You can pop it into your laptop bag or your backpack or even your pocket. It’s small enough to fit inside your pocket. The good thing is that it also includes a trackpad and with all the drivers installed. You get multi-touch and gesture support on the trackpad as well.


It works for up to 40 hours on a single charge which takes about two hours. It is a really versatile keyboard and can come in handy for lots of applications. The fact that it folds up makes it really convenient and it is available in two colors as well a silver and Space Gray.

When you fold it up it does have two magnets that hold the keyboard in place pretty cool device. Definitely go check this out if you’re in the market for something like this. The fact that it has an inbuilt trackpad makes it even better.

Now the next product in our New Tech Coming out in 2019 list is a little different.


Because it is rainy season. We decided to throw this in there and there’s a lot of tech behind this. We are checking out the rest Liam never wet spray now. I have been using this for a while for shoes and I wanted to show you how that works.

If you have fabric top shoes or fabric upper shoes like ez-zor are these shoes that. I’m going to show you it’s really easy to get them dirty. Especially in this weather and because the fabric is really absorbent to water your attract mud and any kind of staining.

This is where this product comes in handy and a lot of people actually use this product to keep their sneakers new for a really long time. So if you have white sneakers all you need to do is just simply take this spray and spray the fabric part of the sneaker.

Make sure you let it dry in its entirety once. You do that you will see that water simply beads off of this the Nano liquid repellent particles of this material. Make sure that a water is repelled and this product basically stays on for months to come and you can easily respray your shoes.

Whenever you need to so pretty impressive product for the price that is available at definitely go check this out. If you’re into sneakers or if you have any kind of fabric thing that you want to make water resistant.

This will work for car seats as well and this will also work for your bikes. It can work for outdoor furniture. It’s a impressive product and really worth its value in gold now.

The final product on our New Tech Coming out in 2019 list is the SanDisk Ultra flare flash drive.

New Tech Coming out in 2019

Now this is available in a USB 3 format and in sizes from 16 gigabyte. All the way to 128 gigabyte the one we are checking out is a 32 gigabyte drive and it costs $8.14. Now for the size that it is it offers a 150 megabyte per second transfer speed. But we actually found that it runs at around 100 megabytes on average which is good enough for the kind of pen drive.

New Tech Coming out in 2019

If you are using this for constant periods. It might even reduce the speed a little bit, but overall this pen drive if you’re using it for documents or transferring files from one device to the other. This can come in handy for that.

In fact we like this drive so much that we’ve made bootable Windows installation disks from this which allows us to quickly install windows on newer pcs. It is made out of aluminium. It’s tiny and how also has a keyring mount. So if you want to pop it on a key ring or a keychain. You can easily do that

SaveFreeStuff-Top-Tech-Gadgets-2019-2020-1 (19)

That completes our New Tech Coming out in 2019 list of 10 products or we do have a bonus items for you.

So in case you are looking for a slightly faster pen drive we do have the SanDisk Extreme. Go here this is a USB 3.1 flash drive and this will offer you speeds upwards of a 150MB per second for reads.


New Tech Coming out in 2019

On average we got about 160 to 170 megabytes per second for reads which makes this a much faster. Almost twice as fast in terms of speed but this is much more expensive and it is available in capacities of 64MB and 128MB. So you can go check this out if you are looking for something faster

Another Bonus Product that we like to recommend to you is at this 3.5 inch hard drive case.

SaveFreeStuff-Top-Tech-Gadgets-2019-2020-1 (22)

So if you have a lot of hard drives lying around and you don’t know how to store them properly. This case is an impressive case because this is anti-static and this is also shockproof. While this works for 3.5 inch drives you can also keep your 2.5 inch drives in there.

It is anti-static you can also keep your computer components in there to keep them safe from static electricity to make sure you don’t damage any chips. Pretty cool product and is available in lots of colors and is form lined on the inside. So it is shockproof and it is also going to protect your hard drive from any kind of damage.


So definitely go check this out available for a price of around $5.64. These are really worth your money.

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