iPhone 12 Leaks 2020 | What’s New In iPhone 12 | Crazy Features With iOS 13.3!

Hey guys welcome back to another tech news and in this news i will share with you fresh iPhone 12 Leaks for 2020 like Design and Display, Build Quality, Camera, Sensors, Notch, Battery, iOS and everything I know about it.

So lets get started iphone 12 leaks with there’s a number of new rumors surrounding the 2020. iPhones presumably the iPhone 12 and new technologies which are coming to the iPhone 12. Which is shaping up to be the most exciting upgrade to the iPhone ever. It’s obviously the super cycle. You’ve got the new design and coming a new display potentially no or smaller notch completely.

New internals from what we’re hearing in this article and more there’s a number of new products they’re releasing in 2022. I wanted to cover and I was iOS 13.3. So this just dropped beta 13 a number of new changes inside one really really good. You can also read all about DELL XPS 13 10th Gen Laptop.

Apple iPhone 12 Leaks – What’s New in upcoming Apple iPhone 12

Now I wanted to start with Ben Gaskins leaked regarding the iPhone 12 PCB logic board apparently Apple will be going to a triple stacked logic board right now. They’re using this dual stack on the iPhone 11 Pro Series and it’s really amazing you know what they’ve done in this small amount of space. How much technology you know they managed to squeeze in with the Apple a 13 and they’re apparently pushing that even further for the iPhone 12.

iphone 12 leaks

In order to better optimize the internals they’ll be stacking it. I’m guessing there will be a thicker middle section and then each side on the other side of it will be covered in all these components. They’ll sandwich together giving Apple a little bit more space for some internals on the inside and of course it’s gonna be bundled with the new Apple A 14.

iphone 12 leaks


So International Business Times actually picked up on a report saying that the Apple A 14 will indeed be 5 and animators so tsmc is pushing hard to make that a reality and it’s very likely that they will make good time in order to put this in Apple’s new supercycle iPhone.

The fact that it’s going to be 5 nanometers is just profound. I mean next to the original iPhones at 90 nanometers. Apple is sure come a long way and reportedly in the future tsfc is going down to 3 nanometers is what they think is possible at this point in time and in conjunction to that nikki asian review published a large report on apple’s intentions with the 2020 iphones.

Inside after talking to several leading industry sources there’s that Apple will be including Qualcomm’s new x 55 5g modem in all three new iPhones in 2020. So that’s very exciting because this is the latest and greatest 5g technology. It’s a second generation 5g chip from Qualcomm. It’s better than anything Intel could have produced if they were making modems with a theoretic download speed of seven gigabits and three gigabit upload just mental not that any carrier will support that.

iphone 12 leaks

But Apple’s entrance into 5g will be with somewhat slightly mature technology. Now in order to accommodate for that 5g technology Ben Gaskin is claiming that Apple is widening the antenna bands on the iPhone and they’ll now be wider than one millimeter. I’m assuming that Apple will have to make some drastic hardware differences to support this technology and that’s just one of them. He says that the actual material of the antenna bands will change as well to that of glass ceramic or sapphire although.

Ben Gaskins source claims that Apple is working on several prototypes of face ID with new optics and sizes they’re testing a module that’s not as wide in order to make the notch smaller or one that’s narrower in order to fit into the actual upper bezel. If they could figure that out they can solve that full screen display issue right now without having to put it underneath of the glass and therefore delaying the notch for another three years.

So at the very least a smaller notch but to remove it altogether and just place it into the bezel and that would make that super cycle just completely perfect. I’m genuinely curious to see how Apple will end up solving this problem will they shrink the notch will they remove it.

Well we have a hole-punch camera which I highly doubt will they leave the notch because whatever happens we’re gonna have that for three years until Apple super cycles once again according to their new three-year refresh strategy. Aniki did confirm that Apple is working on adding a 3d sensing camera to the rear of the 2020 iPhones and this will be used for AR applications.

3d scanning models it’s really not an obscure feature anymore a lot of new smart phones included and I wanted to mention that next year’s iPhone may get a 120 Hertz pro motion display.

iphone 12 leaks

There’s been a couple whispers about that nothing concrete but ice universe mentioned that it was being talked about being added to the iPhone and digit times is claiming there’s a bigger need for it in 2020. because of 5g technology in which way those are connected. I’m not entirely sure but I see universe also demonstrated that 90 versus 60 Hertz makes a huge difference in the speed and opening of apps.

Just general user interface navigation I can attest to that after using the pixel for it feels really really good just to do basic things. I’m sure it’ll kill a battery life even faster I don’t care I want it also an earlier report from the elec claims that Apple will be using an LT Pio display in future iPhones.

It’s the same display that the Apple watch series 5 got in order to enable that always-on display mode with a 1 Hertz refresh rate. It takes up more battery life but it would allow for complications and always-on apps on the iPhone just the possibilities would really really be cool here and also what gives me hope regarding a promotion on the iPhone is that Samsung.

Just created their eggs in Austin 990 processor and inside they added a dedicated driver to manage 120 Hertz displays this means that Samsung will be producing these displays likely soon and Apple sources their displays from Samsung at least a very large chunk of them. Which means that there could be some sort of interaction between the two in the future with that technology.

I certainly hope so and something interesting I found regarding Samsung is that they will no longer be producing their own custom CPU cores in their eggs and O’s processors instead licensing from erm and it mostly comes down to money. It’s just not worth it for them really goes to show you how spectacular Apple’s processor game is here you know they they have been killing it for years and will be for the foreseeable future.

Ben Gaskin claims that Apple’s long-term plan for the iPhone with ports in mind is to remove the Lightning port altogether that Apple will have a completely sealed enclosure in favor of ultra-wideband transfer technology which will have a speed of 500 megabits at 3 meters 110 at 10 meters seems adequate enough to replace the port.

But I wonder along the way to that technology will we still get USB C will we get that mythical MagSafe at one point it’s long been rumored that the 20/20 iPhones will get USB C but we really haven’t heard much about that lately. I guess we’ll see the closer we get it’s also kind of mental to me that we had the design for the iPhone 11 in January.

iphone 12 leaks

So at this rate maybe a couple months until we see the 20/20 iPhone or is that just wishful thinking and some new SE two weeks Ming Chico is claiming Apple will first be using their liquid crystal polymer technology for antennas. This is rumored for the 20/20 iPhones on the iPhone SE 2 first.

I wonder why could it support 5g. I think we’ve heard a rumor that it might somewhere but for a budget device at $400 doesn’t really make sense also he’s claiming Apple will be selling twenty million of these in 2020 potentially 30 million optimistically here and that Apple will be using a more complex SLP motherboard inside. This is essentially a stacked design thicker logic board which first arrived on the iPhone 10 1st generation as I did not have this it only makes sense since it will be housing the Apple A 13.

You can’t just stick that into an old board on the iPhone 8. It also claims production will begin in January with a launch sometime in March also according to Apple CFO we likely will not see a triple lens iPad pro in 2019 because of adjusted to launch timing that’s been pushed back probably to the March 20 20th. iphone 12 leaks

There’s been another leak of the air tags interface by Mac rumors giving us an idea of how that’ll look when you’re going to set them up we don’t know when these will release. I’m actually very much looking forward to them to replace my tiles coming from Apple. I’m sure the integration will be amazing and also Margar Manan bloomberg has detailed several new products coming in 2020 and when this man speaks usually what he says tends to happen.

He’s saying Apple will be releasing their new AR glasses in the second half of 2020 and that’s that crazy project they’ve been working on for many years already. These glasses will have a holographic display and will overlay your texts emails maps even games onto real-world objects in which you can interact with them. He says that it will need a 5g iPhone in order to support this feature likely with that new Apple A 14 processor to support it and it’ll be an offloading off of the iPhone to support those glasses very very curious.

How those will end up looking but I didn’t think that they would be coming this soon also he mentioned that these glasses will one day be a successor to the iPhone. So you won’t need a device to interact with all be natural and happening on your head in real time. I really can’t picture that I love holding my iPhone but Apple always sense the surprises.  So we’ll see and he also mentioned that sleep tracking will be happening on the Apple watch in 2020.

So the series 6 will come with that functionality that was rumored for series 5 an ARM processor Macs. So the custom chips from Apple will eventually migrate to the Mac in 2020. They’re getting so close in performance that if Apple put in the effort. They could surpass Intel at this point in time.

iphone 12 leaks – Let’s Take Short Intro Of iOS 13.3

Alright let’s take a look at iOS 13.3 and what’s new and those ear-pods winners. So a primary change in I was 13.3 is a multitasking issue. If you’re browsing the internet or going through apps and then you jump in and take a picture do something remotely intensive. It’ll go ahead and refresh and clear all your apps and some reason. It just did that again for me on 13.3. That’s supposedly been fixed and hopefully by final release Apple figure out all the issues here.

Also in the keyboard settings there is a new option to disable the Emoji stickers that’s where in emojis there is a section for those stickers that no one ever uses. Now you don’t have to tolerate those in your view.

The Apple watch icon now features a silver insert in the crown or before it was solid black and now in screen time there’s a new section for communication limits control those here and on iPads they properly support the beats solo pro with the controls.

Now previously you did not have any of this just a generic Bluetooth icon with noise control off and lastly air pod winners. Thanks for reading guys stay tuned for the next one. iphone 12 leaks.

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