How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic 2020

Make Money Online is a word that is becoming very common and top searched keyword, Specially during CoronaVirus Pandemic. So in this article i will share with you a best way to earn money online. The economy has tanked I know bummer way to start a article but right now everybody’s stuck inside their homes and for some reason.

So to help anybody out that may be looking for some extra income moving forward from this here is how to make money online at during a quarantine and I’m gonna be putting these methods of making money online into three different categories.

Starting from the fastest way to make money but that also means it’s gonna go from making the least amount of money to making the most amount of money because no matter what I don’t believe in get rich quick schemes and I’ve been making money online for about four to five years. Now and I’ve never just made a pile of money overnight from working for five hours that day but you can make some amount of money relatively quickly.

ODD Jobs

How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic
How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic

So let’s go ahead and start out with category NUMBER ONE which is online odd jobs. a casual or isolated piece of work, especially one of a routine domestic or manual nature. This is gonna be the fastest way to make money online but also you’re not gonna make nearly as much online odd jobs are basically just trading your time for money and this is not passive but it’s a way that you can make quick money.

It’s not gonna be much though you’re doing things like taking surveys online and getting paid per survey or copywriting and getting paid a certain amount of cents per word things like that now.

I’m not gonna dive too far into this because it would just last forever. So I’m just gonna show you a bunch of websites on the screen right now in case you’re interested in doing things like this. Also as mentioned, I’m not a big advocate for making a quick buck but here is that list of online survey & copy writing sites in case you need a little bit of money in a pinch:


I personally do not make my money online this way but I figured I’d mention it just because people are looking to make any amount of money as fast as possible.

You Can Also Find Out Other Online Earning Idea’s

Online Jobs

How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic
How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic

Okay so now getting into it category Number Two is online jobs this is also a faster way of make money online but you can either accept a certain pay or set your own pay rate and control your income a little bit more. There are many job sites you can use to find job openings online, but the best job boards and job search engine sites have search tools that are quick and easy to use. They allow you to search based on the type of job you’re looking for, your location, and other criteria.

Try out a few of the top job sites, listed in alphabetical order, to see which works best for you.

Virtual Assistant

How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic
How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic

So NUMBER THREE in this category is to become a virtual assistant. This is great because you don’t really need one specific set of skills. You’re going to be doing a wide range of different things for an online company. So this could be things like answering emails or responding to clients and customers or organizing tasks and schedules for the rest of the team and you’re gonna find jobs like this by just typing in virtual assistant jobs on Google.

There is a huge demand for virtual assistants especially right now during a quarantine when everybody is working remotely from home.


Most Famous and Trusted Network For Make Money Online.

How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic
How to Make Money Online During a Quarantine | CoronaVirus Pandemic

So NUMBER FOUR in this category is Now I mention this because if you have a specific skill set that you can do online like graphic design or writing or web design or anything like that you can get paid hourly on to work for anyone from all over the world.

I personally have hired dozens of people on upwork and if the relationship goes well I end up just sending them work all the time and a lot of clients do this. You can actually find regular freelance work through upwork.


Okay so moving on to NUMBER FIVE in this category we’ve got and a Fiverr is a lot like up work in the sense that you’re being paid for online services and this is for things like graphics and design, video and animation, writing and translations, music and audio anything like that and guys if you don’t have skills in these things.

It’s okay you’ve got infinite knowledge at your fingertips you can just go on YouTube and type in a Photoshop tutorial and you can learn Photoshop in a matter of a day or two and then you can get on Fiverr and sell your services to touch up people’s photos or remove things in the background whatever it might be you just have to get creative with it.

Online Business / Courses

Okay so now for my favorite category online businesses. These are things that are not overnight. They’re gonna take a little bit longer to grow but they’re gonna be passive income. So that you’re gonna keep making money even while you sleep. This is how I’ve been making money for the last four or five years.


Now so the first one in this category is online courses. If you can teach anything at all and you’ve got a cell phone that has a video recording function then you can create a course and sell it online. You can do this through a site like SKILLSHARE and I’ve actually been teaching on Skillshare for years now and I’ve made more money on that site than I ever thought.

It just gets better and better and the more courses that you post the more money that you make and the way that Skillshare pays its teachers is through minutes watched. So the more engaging that your courses the more money that you’re going to end up making and this is recurring revenue. So you could post a few courses and then not do anything for six months and still be making money throughout all of those months.


Another site is called UDEMY calm and udemy is a lot like Skillshare where you post your course but for this one people pay per course. So they’re paying somewhere around $10 $15 or so for your course. I haven’t posted a new course on udemy in about a year now and yet I’m still continuing to make this money each month and going way back to my very first month on udemy where I only had one course. This is how much I made so I highly highly recommend online courses as a way to make passive income.


Next in the online business category is Shopify. Shopify is basically an e-commerce platform So especially if you’ve even got a brick-and-mortar business already that’s hurting then you can take your products online. If you don’t have a business or a product you can do affiliate sales on Shopify. So you can take other people’s products and you can sell them for them and get a commission or you can do drop shipping and drop shipping is basically just taking products at wholesale.

Selling them through your Shopify store but you don’t have to touch any of the shipping the manufacturer does all of that all you do is make the sale and collect your money. So how do you get customers to your Shopify store well you can do this through a paid advertisements on Facebook or or you could do this organically through Pinterest.

Basically you can take your product put it on Pinterest and then when somebody sees it and clicks on it they’ll end up going to your Shopify store to buy it and you can do this using canva. Canva is a free online software where you can create pins with texts and images. It’s basically like a really simplified version of online Photoshop.

YouTube Channel

Okay so the next way is through YouTube. Growing a YouTube channel is an amazing way to make money online especially if you know something about a certain niche So for instance this channel right here is about teaching web design and making money with websites but it almost doesn’t matter what it is if you know a lot about doing your makeup or skateboarding or farming literally anything at all.

You can teach it on YouTube and you don’t need to be a pro at video again as long as you have a phone you can shoot it on your phone and then there’s free software to edit it which. I will share some free software in here  for you. In case you’re interested and there’s a couple ways to make money with this the first is obviously add revenue.

So you get paid through YouTube for people watching your stuff and clicking on the ads that are at the beginning of your videos.  The Other way to make money is selling your own courses products or even affiliate sales and you do this simply by putting them in the description for people to click on which brings me to the last one which is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have to spend all your time creating your own products or your courses. You can just take other people’s and sell them for them and make a commission and you can do this as much as you want and it’s very easy to sign up and become an Amazon affiliate.

You can also use a site called Clickbank calm to find affiliate products on Clickbank. You’ve got a whole menu on left side of the screen where you can search through different niches. Pick which one suits you and find tons of products within that niche that you can sell and let’s say you find a few products that you want to sell.

Now you’re probably asking okay but how do I get people to buy them well again YouTube is an amazing way to grow a following online and then you’ve also got Pinterest and Pinterest is actually the number one social media of buyers people spend the most money on Pinterest. So again making those pins and growing your Pinterest boards using that online software.

I told you about called canva and growing your Pinterest following or you can do paid advertisements on Google, Instagram or Facebook.

Okay guys that’s all I’ve got for today. Hopefully some of that helped you and resonate it. If I forgot anything please feel free to leave it in the comments below and if you want more content like this then please consider bookmarked this page and visit again and stay connect with us.

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