How To Make Money On TikTok – 4 Secret Ways to Make Money On TikTok!

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4 Secret Ways to Make Money On TikTok!

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How To Make Money On TikTok - 4 Secret Ways to Make Money On TikTok!
Make Money on TikTok – Make Money on TikTok – Make Money on TikTok – Make Money on TikTok

There were little more four ways to Make Money on TikTok. It’s kind of becoming more of a trend. It’s been around for a little bit and really people then you’ve probably seen the ads like a while ago, they’re less so prominent now however a lot more people are starting to use TikTok and transfer to that platform.

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So in this Article, I want to make this really quick post to show you guys four different ways you can actually monetize TikTok, because it’s actually a platform right now that is trending. That is a lot easier to go viral on.

For example when it comes to just making short little videos right on TikTok building against YouTube, Instagram, Facebook where organic a reach on you know Instagram and Facebook, especially Facebook is essentially dead or getting grease on Instagram is there however you have to really have start building up an account to get organic reach and on YouTube.

Yes you can get it but it’s tough because there’s a lot of competition out there in the YouTube space when it come to a lot of different things. Yes you can do if you put the work in however it’s still pretty tough to do it that’s where TikTok comes in.

In this Article, I wanna make this article really quick to show you four different ways you can go about make money on tiktok or making money with the platform.

So let’s jump right into No.1, but if you guys stick around to number four that’s gonna be my most like actual like practical way to make money for the average person who wants the journal on tech talk right now that’s me your best bet in terms of actually using take talk to make money.

No.1 in Make Money On TikTok is “Promoting Brand Deals”

So stick around number four we’re gonna get into that in a second. Let’s jump into No.1 or right now alright. So No.1 you’ve probably heard of other companies promoting brand deals things like that. That’s kind of them the way we’re gonna go.

We’re gonna talk about brand deals company promotions where a company is paying you to make a video with their products in the video talking about their product mentioning their product or something along those lines.

Now this of course isn’t very easy to do for example if you are someone who is just starting out having no following on any social media platforms. You’re not going to be able to do this. So who is the fourth is someone who starts to gain a following on tiktok and why you can do instead of having tell me is reach out to you.

You can actually reach out to companies say hey proposed. You’re right yeah hey I have this many followers. I have this many people who watch my videos. I’d be happy to work with you if you want to send me something for free.

I can test it out I can do a review where I can put my you know a link to my stuff into your stuff in my bio. I can do all this everyday so I can tag you whatever it is that’s how you can reach out to them rather than ever reaching up to you.

Once you think you have an actual value proposition to propose to them and if you have that value people take you up on that offer 100%, because they know the value of attention on a platform that is on the rise like TikTok.

No.2 in Make Money On TikTok is “Live Streaming”

The second way to go about it is actually live streams. You can actually use TikTok and go live on the platform on the app and when you go live, you’re actually similar to YouTube.

What you can actually do is have people bill if you have to have a certain. I think it’s like ten thousand followers or a certain number of our thousand followers then once you have those followers you’re able to go live. When you go live on the platform people can actually send gifts to you and in those geese you actually will get paid comments Eiland paid for that.

So when you go live on a platform like YouTube, now with the super chat people can actually pay and send money to you through the super chat. This is TikTok version of that where you can go live on your phone really quick and people can actually send gifts.

This is our strategy where you’re gonna have to have a decent following people going after support you. Who led what you do who realize the value. You’re providing or really just are entertained by what you do then they feel like they want to give back but I don’t recommend asking for this.

If you are starting to go live, I don’t recommend asking you know doing it below don’t do that people will just do it as you just start provide value as you start it. You know make them entertained and things like that and people will just come that is another method that you can use people don’t realize that. They have a feature on tiktok where you can go live and actually get paid through the platform.

No.3 in Make Money On TikTok is “Link in Your Bio”

The 3rd method to make money on TikTok is actually going to be pretty interesting some of it. I’m pretty familiar with when it comes to just overall online making money. One it’s actually a link in your bio.

Okay How do you use this link in your bio to actually make money. Well there’s actually couple different ways you can actually use affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products or services and get paid a commission for that.

Now Suppose, I have a ton of videos here on the channel. I’m gonna recommend a card in the top right to my affiliate marketing playlist. If you want to go check that out to learn more about affiliate marketing. You can do that really what it is.

Is you’re promoting products for other people, other companies and they’re not in your own products and you’re getting a cut of the sales. You’re not getting the full sale but you’re getting a piece of the pie. You look into very very well this because it becomes very passive deal with any customers and email any customer service all you have to do is link in your bio maybe mention.

If it’s related to what you’re doing and that’s really it and if you mentioned it people go to the link in your bio and they click on the link. They buy the product whatever it is and you’ll get paid for that really by just making the video that you’re already making here.

All in the TikTok laughs another way you can go about this is actually have your own product or service that you offer yourself this could be anything really emerge. It could be your own product let’s say you have you run a certain type of business you have if you offer a service.

Let’s say you make thumbnails for people on YouTube or whatever or your videos are around us our own fitness and you a fitness coaching plan or a program that you can actually sell or you can coach someone you know one-on-one that’s them you can put in your bio as well.

For Example, You can monetize the platform on TikTok the route doing that’s this way you’re not actually using someone else’s product. You’re using your own product this way you can don’t have to worry about people’s products not being so good, it’s completely on you and you control what you put out there well people get.

No.4 in Make Money On TikTok is “Monetize Through Other Platforms”

Now you’re on to No.4. If you stuck around this far in the article makes you go down smash the thumbs up button down below, because it’s actually the most actually applicable part of this article when it comes to Make Money on TikTok or making money through TikTok.

So what I would recommend here is in technology you have the ability to do is actually put your is tag your Instagram and actually tag your YouTube channel. So if you have either of those right well you can do on TikTok is actually have people come to your profile.

Now from there how do you make money that’s the same way you would be making money as if you are using those platforms. Anyway you’re directing people from one platform  here. You can get attention essentially a cheap attention. It’s very very easy to gain attention or or garner attention on that platform right now.

It’s so new because there’s a lot of people who are flocking to tiktok right now. know what you can do is have them shift over YouTube this hour washing your videos. You make money through ad revenue. You start going on your Instagram profile you have links in your bow. You have services you provide through there you do affiliate marketing through there and the same with YouTube.

You provide affiliate marketing products and your own products and things like that so you move it over to other social media platforms that you’re able to monetize a little bit more easily. Now that you can’t monetize it on tiktok the same ways, but it makes it a little bit more easy.

Especially if you have a YouTube channel or you have an Instagram where maybe you’re posting similar type things where you’re posting things related to what you’re doing on Tiktok. Maybe a longer form content on YouTube maybe you just posting pictures on Instagram like that but you can get people to now convert into you.

Know into a true fan who follows you on every platform and you’re able to monetize that personal monetize that fan on each of these platforms through originally starting on TikTok and garnering that attention. There this strategy is kind of like monetizing you back and if that makes sense.

We are essentially putting out free videos. We’re coming to you for free they’re seeing all your free stuff and they’re finding you through a clear channels like YouTube like Instagram and learning more about you and as you learn more about you.

You’re able to make sales to affiliate market like I said your own products or they just watch your YouTube videos helps grow your channel. You get more subscribers you get more views and you make more money through YouTube at revenue.

Last thing I want to mention here guys is to take advantage of the opportunity right now while you have the chance this is like simply like Instagram years ago when history on was just coming out. You can get on to discover pages you rank for hashtags just like YouTube when you can make a video years ago.

You’re do get a ton of views very very quickly very very easily without worrying about SEO any of these different crazy things. These terms people throw around when you can do that on the platform right now. It’s something you need to take advantage of we see these apps, these platforms, these social media sites come along.

Now and again right and and things will work their way up and then eventually the attention will either fall off people died out or something will happen where someone will move on to something else.

For example you know you have facebook, you have Instagram, you had MySpace originally people move from MySpace to Facebook. It’s kind of like a cycle and who knows what’s gonna happen with taken off. Maybe they’ll make their they’ll be able to kind of maintain this traction or keep growing and keep people on the platform and keep it organic.

But it’s gonna be tough for that to happen but to continue through the next couple of years now for right now and in the meantime why or watch this video. It’s still a relatively new platform. People are flocking to every single day generally more of a younger generation as of right now.

Now However that might be changing as the platform continues to grow as it continues to expand. So like I said make sure you’re taking advantage of that and make sure you’re actually working and actually trying to get some videos. You can also get Free Earning Coupons Here.

Now just for fun just put some videos out and see what happens because you don’t know what’s gonna happen. I myself am actually trying testing some things out just to see, how it goes. I have seen time and time again people who moved from YouTube from Instagram.

So just make a couple videos on Tech Talk videos blow up and then that transfers over to the YouTube to Instagram and those channels also aren’t able to grow off of the back of starring on TikTok, where that attention is very cheap and very easy to get.

So if that means I hope you guys enjoyed this if you didn’t make sure you’re down subscribe. Let’s smash thumbs up button and like. I said in the comments down below comment anything any questions just save you like the Article.

If you do that I will make sure to get back to every single one in the comment in the comment section down below if that all being said now take a look at these Articles right here and I will see you in tomorrow’s Article peace.

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