How to Create an Outlook Account | Microsoft Account

How to create an Outlook Account | Microsoft Account

Let me tell you, friends, that Hotmail, Live Mail, and Outlook Mail are all Microsoft accounts and there is no difference between these three, just the domain name difference, whether you like Hotmail, Live Mail, or Outlook mail in your email address.

This means that depending on the choice you can select Outlook, Hotmail, or Live, friends, now let’s know how to create an email on Microsoft?

Step #1.

To create an account on Hotmail, first type Outlook mail in your browser or click here and then click Create Free Account: Follow the screenshot below:

create a account


Step #2.

After clicking on Create Free Account, a new page will open in front of you and create the E-mail address of your choice here, and here you can select Outlook or Hotmail. You have to select one of the two domains and then click on Next.

create an account in outlook


Step #3.

After clicking on Next, another page will open in front of you where you have to type the Password of your choice, in the password you have to use your capital letter, small letter, any character along with the digit. For example “My.Computer#123” Anyone can have a password like this.Create a password


Step #4.

Then you have to type the First Name and the Last Name one and click on the Next button.

create first name and last name


Step #5.

Now on the second page, you have to select your country and then you have to add the date of birth, then you have to click on Next.

country date of birth


Step #6.

When you complete the previous information, you will be presented with a second page where you will see a captcha, and you will have to type this captcha correctly and then you will click on Next.



Step #7.

Finally, you have to click Yes and this will create your account.

stay here


You can create your Hotmail, Outlook, or Microsoft account by following the screenshot above and in a very easy way.

Hope you guys know how to create an account in Outlook or Hotmail now.

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