Android Q Beta – Official Android 10 Update with New Features! – Android 10 Features

Android Q Beta – Official Android 10 Update with New Features! – Android 10 Features

Hey everyone, Today it’s time to do a article on the brand new Android 10 / Android Q Beta update that just came out for pixel devices from Google. I do have this update installed and there’s a lot of new features including a new dark mode and new gestures as well.

So I wanna go ahead and take a look at everything that is new with the Android 10 update (android Q beta Update). Now Google decided not to go with the naming scheme they are just calling it Android 10 and some peoples call Android Q.

Android Q Beta - Official Android 10 Update with New Features! - Android 10 Features

It used to be Android cue however it kind of makes sense that they gave up on the naming of with the treats. They used to do such as pie, nougat, Oreo all those treats. Simply because queue is a really difficult one to come up with.

So they went ahead and just said no we’re just gonna call it Android 10 or Android Q. Now that Android 10 is out and I will be doing a revisited article of the pixel 3 XL. So stay tuned for that and make sure you are subscribed and with that all being said.

Let’s go ahead and get into a full article on the Android 10 / Android Q Beta update. here’s my pixel three XL running the official version of Android 10. If I jump into settings and go to about phone here it is Android version 10.

If you quickly tap on it it takes you to that hidden his Easter egg that they do with every version this one is updated and you can’t act upon it. It gives you haptic feedback with everything you do you can move the two numbers around or Android now also something else interesting.

That you can do is you can hold on the two numbers they will actually start to spin things depending on how you actually press them. So if I go ahead and maybe pressing the hold on one and the other there goes it starts to spin.

Now if you go ahead and do it the right way the old Android cue logo is possible. So I think I have it ready to go. So let’s go ahead and move the one inside the queue and you’ll see the background start to move.

There we have it we have actually completed this and we can get to another screen not exactly. Sure the right method to get to it whether it’s press and hold on one of the numbers or tap on Android.

But you’ll see here there we go I went ahead and did it not exactly sure the right way to get to it but just if you mess around with it you can probably get to this screen. It’s just a puzzle that you can go ahead and interact with and solve.


If you wanted to but as you can see it is a new and updated Easter egg and nice that they still have the queue in there that you can activate something else.

Gesture System in Android 10 / Android Q Beta

There is an entirely new gesture system. Now I did a complete factory reset and it had these two buttons out of the box. So I don’t know if they’re going to have gestures out of the box. Just yet but if you go ahead and go into System Settings > Gestures > System Navigation and this is where you can turn on your gesture navigation.

Gesture System in Android 10 / Android Q Beta

Let’s activate it and when we do so if you swipe up it will go ahead and go all the way home. You can go ahead and swipe up and pause and get to those recent apps which of course you can swipe up. If you’d like to jump back in now if you want to go back all you have to do is swipe from the right or left hand side. It will bring up an arrow right here.

So as you can see that arrow is popped up. You can go ahead and let go it will go back now you can customize the back gesture. If you go ahead and hit settings the specific sensitivity because it might conflict with an Abbe gesture that is on the edge of the screen.

So nice that they add that option you’re gonna have to play around with it to find what works best for you. You can also easily quick swap between apps just down at the bottom to swipe to the right or to the left and as you can see depending on the order.

You open the apps it will swap between all of them you can also switch back to the classic three button navigation. If you would like with the back home and recent apps button.

However I’m going to stick with gesture navigation and try it out Android Q Beta also brings a system wide dark mode which is really nice. I have a quick toggle right here or you can jump into settings to do so very easy. Just jump into dark theme and here it is just switch this toggle on and off and it that.

Actually will change the boot animation if you have dark theme on it will have a darker boot animation whereas first light theme. It will have the lighter boot animation and like I said it is system wide.


So you’ll see here in the Settings app completely different completely dark background. Pull down that notification tray you’ll see that is dark themed. Even the search bar the pixel theme that is themed and as I mentioned other apps can be themed as well.

That our system apps and even developers can take advantage of it and of course add dark theme to their app if they would like. So if we go into the files app you’ll see it has that dark background.


Play Store and Camera in Android 10 / Android Q Beta

If we go ahead and go in the Play Store it does not seem to have that theme yet jumping into the clock app. It does going into the calculator. It does so it just kind of depends on how these apps get updated.

I’m sure more and more will start to have that dark theme built in there’s a lot of outdated privacy settings. If we jump into the camera app you’ll see a loud location only while using the app or deny some of them. Will also be always allow so they can use it in the background.

You can customize if you want to allow that or not the camera app also has the night site mode built in. So if you’re in a darker location it will take a long exposure shot you do have to hold it pretty still and generally it will actually work like magic.

Play Store and Camera System in Android 10 / Android Q Beta

Really brighten your image whether you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network or you have your Wi-Fi hotspot going.

Wifi – Hotspot Setup in Android 10 / Android Q Beta

If you want to share that network with someone, you can create a QR code. Just select this icon next to it verify that it’s actually you and you can go ahead and share a specific hotspot. You’ll see my pastor I just put in Tim one two three four five and you can go ahead and connect to that Network and speaking of sharing.

Take Screen Shot in Android 10 / Android Q Beta

Let’s go ahead and press volume down in power at the same time take a screenshot like normal. Let’s go ahead and go into that specific screenshot which is just an image as you can see. How quick and snappy it is when I press the share menu so go ahead and press it and almost instantly.

It brings up the share menu which is a really nice change it was a little bit delayed at times on other versions of Android. So go ahead and press it gives you a quick preview of what you are sharing.

Now Then you can also take auto select and multi select other images that you have actually taken on the phone or other screenshots. Then you can of course go ahead and select an app. So let’s say we want to go ahead and select messages it will go ahead and select a specific conversation or start a new message.

I’m Really Excited about this feature! – Location in Message

The next feature is something I’m really excited about it. Its contextual responses within apps. So let’s say someone sends you a text message within the messaging app and it has an address in it. It’s gonna give you a quick link to maps within the notification and to be completely honest.

I can’t get it to work however I noticed if you pay very close attention map shows up but then quickly goes away. I’m not sure why so I just sent myself a text message so watch the notification carefully.

You see it said open map right there and then it went to these other options to reply to the message so not exactly sure why it’s not sticking. I don’t know if they need to update it of course the update did just come out. So that hopefully will be fixed soon with Android 10.

Privacy Settings in Android 10 / Android Q Beta

Google is really focusing on privacy. They have a dedicated permission manager to see what specific apps are using. What so for the camera here are the apps that can use it here are the ones that are denied it.

You can go through the microphone phone SMS storage all the ones that have different permissions to your apps. If you go to advanced there are a lot more specifically activity controls location history ads and usage.

Diagnostics there’s also digital well being and parental controls built industry. What you’re using how you’re using it and a focus mode which you can pause distracting apps. When you need time to focus so let’s say you are getting a lot of text messages.

You could go ahead and turn on focus mode so it will pause that specific messaging. Google is also supposed to be including something called live caption and I can’t seem to get it to work. Where it takes a video and if you even have no audio playing. It will transcribe what’s being said in that specific message without needing data.

It’ll do it all on your device so I don’t think that’s rolled out just yet don’t hold me to that and you’ll see here caption preferences here’s what it will look like down at the bottom of a specific video. You could change language text size caption style as well and that’s just as far as I’ve gotten into figuring out.

How to activate those live captions there are a lot more in-depth features added to Android 10. Now so a lot to come more on Android 10 of course like I said updated revisited video on this phone with this update.

Now coming very soon be sure you do click that Like and Share buttons and be sure to click that Allow button as well. If you enjoyed this review as always.

Guys thank you very much for reading. Stay Connected and Click Allow Button to stay Touch With Us.


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