5 Incredible Free Software You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 – 2020

Incredible Free Software You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 – 2020

Hello Guys! Today I will share with you the top 5 incredible free software that you will definitely want to know about that and these software are very helpful for you.

So let’s start and No.1 Software in our list is Best Office Suite Alternative to Microsoft Office and its called OnlyOffice. Also This is a free software. You cal also check out best Hoteling software

OnlyOffice Suite – Alternative of Microsoft Office

5 Free Incredible Software You'll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 - 2020

If you’ve been looking alternative of Microsoft Office you have many choices. If you have recommended in the past include Libre Office, the free software office suite from Google WPS office, and many others.

A strong contender to those mentioned that I highly recommend is only office. This open source office suite and free software claims to be 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats in the testing.

I’ve done over the past few months there were only some minor issues with images but other than that it was nearly perfect to get the free edition of only office for your computer.

Go to Download, you’ll see editions here listed that are geared towards businesses and developers. Select desktop editors and you’ll now see the download options for Windows Mac and Linux with the program opened.

This is what their alternative to Microsoft Word looks like if you work with spreadsheets this is their Excel alternative and for presentations this is their PowerPoint alternative .

If you’ve used Microsoft Office before you’ll notice the familiar looking ribbon at the top that contains many of the same features and functions. If you prefer to use only office online within your favorite browser without having to download any software that’s also available on their website.

Shortcut Video Editor – Cool New Video Editor

5 Free Incredible Software You'll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 - 2020

Here is a 2nd free software called Shortcut Video Editor. The problem with free and open source video editing software like shot cut and kdenlive. Is that they lack many of the high-end features most professionals need all of this looking to change all that.

It’s a new non-linear free software and open source video editor with the goal of becoming a fully featured alternative to the big hitters like Vegas Pro Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

At this time all of it’s still in early development with new features being added every month over the past few weeks and testing. I’ve encountered bugs and have wished that certain features were available at that moment but that being said even in its current state all of is already one of the best open source video editors.

I’ve used and could potentially be a game-changer for those people that don’t want to shell out the big bucks for an expensive program. If you’re like me and prefer to use keyboard shortcuts go to tools and select preferences click on the keyboard tab.

This is where you’ll find all the shortcuts if you don’t like any of the presets can change them to suit your needs even at this early stage. If you’d like to try it out all of this already available for Windows Mac and Linux.

Bitwarden Password Manager

5 Free Incredible Software You'll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 - 2020

Here is No.3 Free Software that name is Bitwarden Password Manager. I’ve recommended a few password managers to you. All in the past earlier this year that warden became my password manager of choice not only is it free software for personal use.

It’s also open source and easy to use your passwords are stored in your own personalized vault that can be accessed anywhere from just about any device. The data stored on the bit wardens servers is encrypted.

So no one from their team and even see or read your real data to avoid showing the miscreants my real information.

When you launch the program, You’ll see your bit wooden vault selecting any account listed will give you additional information. It lets you copy your username password and website URL toggle the visibility of your password and you can check to see.

If your password has been exposed and any data breaches. If you need to make any changes just hit the edit icon at the bottom. When launching the bit warden extension on any browser you’ll have access to your vault in this example.

I’m using Vivaldi when creating an account on any website click at the bottom where it says tab select add a login. It will pre-populate the site you’re on just enter your username and password. If you need help creating a strong password click the icon to generate a new password.

You can change the length and any other criteria in the upper right click select it will add it to the password field hit save when you’re done just click on the icons copy your username and password to paste them.

Where they’re needed I just went over a few of the basics you can find additional help on the bit warden’s site. It’s available for Windows Mac and Linux along with extensions for most of the popular browsers and they have apps for both iOS and Android.

Rufus – Create Bootable USB Drive

5 Free Incredible Software You'll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 - 2020

Here is 2nd last Free Software is Rufus. Rufus is a open-source and free software utility for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or newer that will turn an iso into a bootable USB drive.

Future system crashes it, Lets you perform a system rescue recover data and even lets you work on a computer with no operating system installed. There are other programs with similar features over the years.

Rufus is the best I’ve used for speed and reliability in addition to the ISOs for Windows. Rufus also works with several ISOs for linux including ubuntu debian fedora and many others.

It’s use is very simple, Go to the folder where you downloaded Rufus there’s no need to install it. Just right-click and select run as administrator to provide ample space.

I recommend plugging in a drive with at least 8GB, If you’re working with the Windows 10 ISO. If you’re working with another ISO file you could probably get away with 2 or 4 gigabytes.

Leave it on disk or ISO image click on select find the ISO image on your computer, Select it and click on open. If you have a license for Windows 10 their media creation tool will let you create an ISO file and bootable USB flash drive.

I just use it to download the ISO file to my computer. Rufus is far superior when creating a bootable Drive. Go to the search bar and type partition select create and format hard disk partitions the disk.

You’ll see the partition style is GPT go back to Rufus and select the appropriate partition scheme in this case that would be GPT. You should have no need to change anything else click on start to begin.

You’ll get this warning that pops up just be aware that moving forward with this process will reformat your USB Drive any data you have on this drive will be destroyed, after you click OK the process will begin there is nothing more that you need to do.

HandBrake: Open Source Video Converter

5 Free Incredible Software You'll Wish You Knew Earlier 2019 - 2020

You can also read Handbrake Full Tutorial Here to reduce large video file size.

So the last free software of our short 5 Incredible free software is Handbarke Video Converter and Transcoder. If you ever need to convert any video format from one type to another it doesn’t get any better than the free software and open-source transcoder Handbrake.

Some of you may have heard me talk about handbrake before it’s great for converting a large video file into a smaller format. Ripping DVDs and blu-rays and it will take those unusual lesser used video types and convert them into a format that’s more recognised for this.

Example I’ll convert an MKV file into an mp4 which is a more widely supported file type you have the choice to open a single file or choose more than one from a folder. You can also drag a file or folder from your computer.

In this case I’ll drag an MKV file from off-screen into the main window. It will automatically detect the files information including that videos resolution for the preset I usually leave it on the default which is fast 1080p 30s.

Now Go to the video tab set the video codec to h.264 and use the one that’s first in the list for frame rate. I’ll leave it at 30 below that do not leave it on peak framerate, which in other words is the variable framerate.

This has been known to cause issues change it to constant framerate go to the audio tab make sure the codecs selected is AAC. In the lower right click on browse choose the location for your save file and give it a name click on save.

When you’re ready you’re at the top click starting code and wait for it to finish depending on the file type. You’re working with you might want to try adjusting the other settings.

Handbrake is available for Windows Mac and Linux and also If you want to reduce large file size more than 50% without losing video quality. Simply Click here to read full step by step with pictures article.

Thanks for reading, links are in the headings. If this article is useful for you give it a thumbs up and share with others and if you’re new here. Subscribe and click the allow button to stay up to date with the newest free software and other tech related stuff here on savefreestuff.com

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